A Series Featuring the Art of St. Joseph Church

This month we reflect and note the first of the stained glass windows which can be found in the main church. A reflection on the image of the Annunciation can be found here

[This is the first in a series regarding the sacred space in which we worship.  The images in the stained glass windows and other symbols speak to us from the ages—reminding us of major events in the life of Jesus, his family, and his disciples during his time on earth.]

Series beginning in August 2020.

Congrats to our First Communicants!

Click HERE to see the photos of our 3 young parishioners at their First Communion Liturgy!

Welcome Back Video

Our Mission

St. Joseph’s Parish Family is a Spirit-led Catholic, stewardship community, committed to making our world holy, teaching in the Spirit of Jesus, while serving others in His Name. We see ourselves to be a light on Newport’s Broadway, centrally located and vital to Aquidneck Island.

Parish Registration

If you wish to become a registered member of our stewardship parish please introduce yourself after Mass and arrange an appointment to register. Your presence at liturgies and participation in parish life are necessary for sacramental preparation and it is vital to the life of our parish community.

For those tho have questions about updating their information, please call the rectory with any change of address, phone number, etc.

Mass and Confessions Schedule

Monday and Thursday: 12:05PM

Saturday (Sunday Vigil Mass); 5:15PM

Sunday: 7:00AM and 10:30AM; en Espanol, 6:30PM

Holy Days: 12:05PM

Holidays: 9:00AM

Confessions: During the COVID-19 pandemic all confessions will be heard by appointment only to ensure the safety of the priest and penitent. Contact the parish office or email Father Scott to schedule a confession.

Office Hours 

Monday-Thursday: 9am-2pm

Office Phone Number: (401) 847-0065