Music Ministry

Contact Denis Tetrault 508-672-6421 Meetings Practices are held on Sunday mornings at 8:00 AM during Liturgical seasons, or as needed for special events. Activities Music is developed with the Liturgy committee to match theme and Liturgical season. Stewardship opportunities Choir member, Cantor

Harvest Fair

Becoming a Lector or Eucaristic Minister

Contact Rob Vitello 401-846-9685 Email Rob Meetings For training, as required and scheduled and announced in the bulletin. Activities Lectors assist at Eurcharistic celebrations by reading the first and second readings and petitions every weekend. Eucharistic ministers assist with the reception of the body and blood of Christ. Stewardship opportunities All practicing Catholic Adults who have received Confirmation are eligible to serve on this ministry.

Liturgy Ministry

Contact Sandra Bernier 401-619-0247 Email Sandra Meetings September – June: monthly meetings Activities Planning for all liturgical celebrations throughout the year by providing theme, rites, seasonal environment, and music for Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter. Stewardship opportunities All persons interested in planning liturgical celebrations.

ENLACE (People United)

Contact Rosaleen Mazur 212-348-6987 Email Rosaleen Meetings As needed Activities Ministry to help the undocumented. Emergency telephone contact list is being developed. Stewardship opportunities Open to all with interest.

Major Raffle

50 Week Club

Building and Maintenance

Contact Paul Stattner 401-846-6644 Email Paul Meetings September — May: Monthly Meetings 1st Tuesday: 6:00 PM Rectory Activities Evaluation of maintenance and special projects undertaken to maintain our Church on an ongoing basis. This committee is also responsible for the Spring Clean Up Day. Stewardship opportunities The member braodly represents interested persons, usually trades people, architects, engineers, masons, etc.

Gardening and Grounds Ministry

Contact Deb Strattner 401-846-9042 Email Deb Meetings As needed for planning purposes, announced in the bulletin. Activities Spring Clean Up, and Summer/Fall Ground & Gardens, weekly maintenance, watering and weeding. Stewardship opportunities Open to all outdoor gardening enthusiasts. Training as available.

Hatian Ministry

Contact Jack Doyle 401-525-6735 Email Jack Meetings As needed, announced in the Bulletin. Activities Providing awareness to our community of education issues in Haiti. Annual Liturgy with St. Michael’s Haitian choir to coincide with annual collection for education purposes. Stewardship opportunities Open to parishioners of all ages with interest.